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St Louis Commercial Roofing & Flat Roof Repair

Reliable & Affordable Commercial Roofing in St Louis, Missouri

As a leading St Louis commercial roofing company, we are proud to say that we have been a commercial roofing contractor in St Louis, Missouri for more than 20 years! Our commercial roofers are among the fastest and most professional in the business and work tirelessly to leave your commercial building or office looking brand new and to get your business back on track.

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We are a GAF Master Certified St Louis, MO Roofing CompanyGAF is North America's largest roofing manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing, with over 130 years of expertise in helping property owners make their best roofing choices. Whether you're a building owner or manager of a large commercial property, place of worship, apartment complex, or homeowners association, GAF will help you get the best return on your roofing investment through high-performing roofing systems, maintenance, and industry-leading guarantee solutions. We can offer No-dollar-limit guarantees up to 35 years; see applicable guarantees for complete coverage and restrictions.


We are happy to provide FREE and HONEST estimates for any and all of our services which include the following:

  • Commercial Roof Repair & Restoration

  • Includes Rounded & Flat Roof Repair

  • Commercial Roof Replacement & Installation

  • Includes Rounded & Flat Roof Replacement & Installation

  • Metal Roofing Retrofit & Coating Restoration

  • Commercial Roof Cleaning, Flashing, & Maintenance

  • Scheduled and/or One Time

Commercial Roof Repair Services

The roof of a building is the first line of defense against harsh wind and sometimes brutal weather we are so famous for here in St Louis. That makes it all more important to address any potential need for repairs sooner rather than later. Needless to say, the longer you wait to repair any damage to your roof the worse the problem will get which could eventually leave you needing a costly whole roof replacement.

Save yourself the headache and let one of our roofers come out to evaluate the situation for you and stop the potential threat right in its tracks. Sometimes a problem isn’t always as bad as it looks and a simple patch up might be all that you need. Keep in mind however, the longer you wait then the higher your chances will be of a major problem.

If you think that you may be in need of any of our services, please feel free to call us any time of the day and any day of the week to have us come out and give you a fair and honest consultation at absolutely no cost or obligations.

We want to be a roofing company that you can trust and we will never pressure you into any services that you don’t need. We love talking to our clients about what we do best and will be more than happy to go over all of your options in as much detail as you would like.

Commercial Roof Cleaning, Restoration, & Maintenance Program

Roof Cleaning

Maybe your roof isn’t damaged but the weather has really worn it down over the years. You won’t believe how fast and effective our commercial roof restoration services are. Sometimes a good cleaning is all that you need to prevent the potential of future damage and need for repairs down the road.

Even as high as some of the buildings we see here in St Louis, you won’t believe how much dirt and debris can build up over the years. If left unattended for long enough, the potential for real damage greatly increases and the cost of repairing a commercial roof is much higher than a simple cleaning.

Roof Maintenance Programs

One of the most cost effective and helpful things that you can do for your roof is scheduling a maintenance program to increase the overall lifespan of your roof by up to 12 years! With our maintenance plan, you will receive care to your roof that will directly eliminate the ongoing deterioration that takes place each and every day.

Our proven plan will maximize the performance of your rooftop and can save you thousands of dollars down the road.

We respect your business and work place as if it were our own. Because of that and just like any other of our services, we are here to accommodate you and can schedule our program for whenever best suits you!

All Roof Types Coupled With Highest Quality Roofing Materials

We only receive our inventory from the most trusted and reputable roofing supply groups in the country. A number of the brands that we carry have received multiple awards given to by consumers just like you.

As technology has advanced over the years, the overall lifespan and durability for the roofing & building materials that we use have greatly improved which makes it an investment worth making. We only offer quality brands that we are proud to stand behind at some of the most affordable prices in the city!

Save yourself the headache and let one of our roofers come out to evaluate the situation for you and stop the potential threat right in its tracks. Sometimes a problem isn’t always as bad as it looks and a simple patch up might be all that you need. Keep in mind however, the longer you wait then the higher your chances will be of a major problem.

We happily service and have worked with commercial and office buildings of all shapes and sizes. Among others, here are some of the most common roof types we install and service:

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

Thermoplastic Polyolefin is among the most environmentally friendly styles out there and is made of a reflective and single-ply membrane. These wide sheets are tear & fire resistant which makes them durable and easy to install!

EPDM (Rubber)

Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer is a very common roofing membrane that is used across the United States and right here in St Louis. They are comprised of natural gas & oil which makes them very durable against harsh weather conditions and debris. EPDM is designed to absorb thermal shock which makes the life span longer than other traditional styles.

Low Sloped Metal Roofs

If you are looking for durability then metal might be the route for you to go. These systems can be installed right over your existing roof which eliminates the need to uninstall your current roof type and give your building even more protection!

These are just a couple of the types of roofs we service but they are certainly not all of them. Please feel free to give us a call today for a full list of brands and styles we carry or to set up your free consultation!

Commercial Roofers with Experience & Integrity

Having worked with proud business owners for more than 20 years, we understand and acknowledge how important your business is. That is why we work harder, faster, and more efficiently than any other roofing companies out there to get your place of work back on track and back to normal. We are more than happy to work around whatever schedule you would like as to cause as little disruption to your day-to-day work as possible. Working on a commercial roof can sometimes be a pretty noisy job, but we do everything we can to cause as little disturbances as possible and always keep our clients’ best interest in mind. If you would rather we come in and do the job on off-hours we would be more than happy to accommodate you.

Need Residential roofing in St Louis

We service all of St Louis and the greater surrounding areas including Chesterfield, Earth City, St Charles, Maryland Heights, Des Peres and more.

Don’t forget that we offer FREE ESTIMATES for any and all of the services that we provide.

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